DEADBEAT 'Zeller in our midst

Kenneth J.
Tue Jul 29 19:42:00 EDT 1997

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Bonnie Kalmbach  <> wrote:
>I think this is un-called for - the person you refer to is
>very busy and may not have had time to get back to you. Or
>there may be other reasons you have not had a more recent response.
>I am certainly forewarned as to the consequences of
>initiating any correspondence with you. Your "extraordinary step"
>reminds me of the public pillory. I am sure the vast majority of
>businesses in this country don't do this and thus tarnish their
>own reputation.
>>From:    IN%""   "Robert D. Ferlingere"
>>To:      Multiple recipients of list BLUES-L <BLUES-L@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU>
>>Subject: DEADBEAT 'Zeller in our midst
>>To the list (and to the DEADBEAT via cc:):
>>BEWARE! There is a DEADBEAT 'Zeller in our midst.
>>I had intended to label this post as NBC, however this DEADBEAT has given me
>>the blues! I have attempted to solve the problem via private e-mail to him
>>with negative results; he refuses to respond in any manner whatsoever to my
>>e-mails. Therefore, I am taking the extraordinary step of posting this
>>to the entire list.
>>The DEADBEAT's name and e-mail address are: "Tom Freeland"
>>The reasons I make this claim (supported by evidence) are:
>>1. On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 10:06:19 -0700, I posted a message to BLUES-L
>>a list of records I had for sale, "Subject: Blues 78 rpm records".
>>2. On Thu, 19 Jun 1997 13:23:17 -0600, the DEADBEAT requested a copy of the
>>3. On Fri, 20 Jun 1997 14:46:48 -0600, the DEADBEAT e-mailed me a list of the
>>78rpm records he wanted to purchase from me (contractual offer to purchase).
>>4. At 08:11 PM 6/20/97 -0700, I advised the DEADBEAT of the 78rpm records I
>>was holding for him (contractual acceptance of offer to purchase).
>>5. At 08:32 AM 7/6/97 -0700, after hearing not one word from the DEADBEAT, I
>>sent him an e-mail, "Subject: Re: Your payment for 78 rpm records."
>>To date, I have yet to hear one word from the DEADBEAT, who is and remains in
>>breach of his written contract to purchase records from me.
>>I have been selling (and buying) records through the mail for the past 30
>>and have never run across anyone even remotely like this DEADBEAT, who does
>>have even the common courtesy to respond to my e-mails, let alone to offer
>>form of excuse for not wanting to buy the records he offered to purchase
>>were set aside for him specifically).
>>I hope the above will be taken into consideration by any of you who may have
>>any intention of doing business with this DEADBEAT.


I agree. I'd rather deal with somebody who backs out of a deal (if that's
what he did...he could have had any kind of crisis that took precedence
over records!) quietly than somebody who slams someone without knowing the

ken "kindergarten blues" shapiro

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