Otis Rush

Gregory A. Conn gconn@SPRINTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 29 16:27:16 EDT 1997

P.W. Fenton wrote:
>   As a result he
>  sometimes sounds as though he is out of tune.  I think it really works
>  though, because the listener senses his excitement when that
>  out-of-tuneness gives his solo a wild and out of control feeling.

 My gosh, how could someone actually interpret Otis's playing on that
album as something that "works" and causes the listener to sense
"his excitement."
 Mr. Rush was in a horrible state of mind when that album was recorded.
As. Mr. Shurman pointed out, it was unconscionable of the record company
to even release it.  Not much of anything "worked" on that album.


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