Otis Rush

Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Tue Jul 29 16:12:23 EDT 1997

VT wrote:
> I'm sorry guys -
> "Screaming and Crying" by Otis Rush was recorded during a very bad
> period for him.  I believe he was close to,  if not actually having a
> breakdown (please, Dick Shurman give us the facts again)
> This album is NOT representative of Otis by any stretch of the
> imagination, and we really should not encourage the acquiring of this
> album - I think it has been likened to having a picture taken in a
> very embarrassing situation and having it published for all to see.
> Please think about this.
> Thanks,
> --
> Vincent
> vt@pipeline.com

I wish a live album would have been made of what I heard on an
audience tape of Otis that was recorded sometime in the mid 80's. It is
one of the greatest guitar performances I have ever heard (not to
mention the singing which is always great). It really makes your hair
stand on end. He does the most amazing impression of Earl Hooker (but
without a slide which makes it that much more amazing) I have ever
heard, as well as really playing like Otis Rush, and not Albert King as
he sometimes does, especially on the live recordings I have heard. I
haven't heard any live record of his that even comes close to what I
heard on that tape, and to me that's a shame. People ought to be able to
hear how really amazing the man can be. (I'm not knocking any of his
stuff, just wish they had caught this one.

Dave Melton

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