the Mighty Bo Diddley

Ed Vadas
Tue Jul 29 16:03:29 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-29 14:42:44 EDT, (jjperry)

<< I've heard the same thing from other folks who have played with Bo.
 My question (as a drummer) is:  who plays the beat?  Just Bo?  What
 other instruments does he have in the band?

 A lot of the old stuff was made cool by Jerome on the maracas...he doesn't
 have someone play the maraccas live, does he?

 J. J.  >>

The gig is a sleeper... How well it goes depends on how far you, as a
player,want to go with it.  Bo is a character who is funky all by himself,
you just have to have a keen ear and a sense of cheap math... listen and make
sure everything you do ADDs to the mix.   I have played 8 shows with Bo over
the years... they were all different, some I was given and took no solo's
some I soloed on every tune... some he talked
some he rocked!

Ed v

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