Sitting In

Shannon O'Connor Shannon_O'Connor@SWPCO.COM
Tue Jul 29 15:58:03 EDT 1997

Shannon O'Connor@ITP
07/29/97 03:58 PM

I'm vaguely following this thread...what is the mind set of a person who
walks into a club where a band is working and immediately thinks, "I'm a
musician, I'll sit in"?  You all know them; those people who assume they
are going to be welcomed with open arms.  I'm trying to imagine how I would
react if I was working along on some manuscript and some stranger popped
into my office and said, "Hey, I'm an Editor!  Let me work on a chapter or

I have a very dear friend who is an excellent violinist/fiddler.  And he is
guilty of this all the time.  In our long friendship, it's the one thing
we've squabbled over.  He carries his fiddle everywhere.  He's shameless.
And he is completely unable to explain to me why he does it, except to say,
"I'm a musician!"  That's not a rationale that works for me.

Jam night is one thing.  A working gig is another.  My opinion.


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