Out of tune?

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Tue Jul 29 15:38:58 EDT 1997

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<< Otis doesn't actually play in a different key on that record, but I know
 what you mean and it's definitely linked to how emotional Otis gets.  Otis
 bends his strings quite a lot, even more than most Blues guitarists.  Otis
 bends strings even when playing separate notes (as opposed to audibly
 bending from one note to another).  When he gets excited, (emotional), he
 has a tendency to be less accurate with those bends.  As a result he
 sometimes sounds as though he is out of tune.  I think it really works
 though, because the listener senses his excitement when that
 out-of-tuneness gives his solo a wild and out of control feeling.  Buddy
 Guy's solos sometime do the same thing.>>

Having had the pleasure of being Otis Rushes back up band for a few shows, I
can tell you that Otis has a great set of ears and is very contious of  what
is is and what is out.....I believe that other issues come to play  when most
of these cats stray from
being in tune, most of them come from a bottle.... the big blame should go to
the producers who allow those records to leave the studio, because they are
so cute and folksy! crapola!

Ed V

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