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Ed Vadas
Tue Jul 29 13:31:31 EDT 1997

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<<  So many times I've been to
 jams or events/clubs where a guests artist is asked to sit in and the
 backing artists over power their guest on stage.  Or they don't listen to
 what's going on enough to give their guests whatever PA attention they
 might need. >>

I would say it is 90% of the players who are "ASKED" to sit in.  Actually do
the asking themselves.   Most folks who sit in are inadequate jerk-offs that
know not the land they trod.   What appears to the audience as non-support
from the band  is often a shriveling ego caught sitting in on a wave they
can't maintain so they (A) turn down (B Sing away from the mich. .. (C) lose
control of the band or(D) just wank through it.   Any self-respecting band
tries to do what they can to make a guest sitting in a positive experience
for the crowd, but mostly have to do damage control for time the pest, guest
is there.   It is a real and RARE treat when some one sits in and the music
is elevated from where it was on a reality based musical ground rather than a
fan based thrill ground.

Drop by and sit in some time!

Ed V

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