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Bill Kolstad static@EXIT109.COM
Tue Jul 29 12:31:22 EDT 1997

On Tue, 29 Jul 1997, Ruth Vadi wrote:

> >Maybe we need a symbol like the smilies :-) which is a typed punch in
> >the
> >kisser.   :-)   :-)
> >
> There is probably a free Javascript file on the WWW of a punching fist.
> If someone downloads it to blues-l we could just attach the punchy fist
> file instead of flaming people.  Saves typing!

And it would greatly annoy those of us who are still using text based
systems.  There is nothing worse than having pages of useless
garbage all over the screen when you want to read some (hopefully)
good insight into blues.  Please, please, please be careful of using
MIME, HTML, and JAVA in mail unless you want it to be skipped unread.

If you really must save typing while flaming, just don't follow up to the

Bill Kolstad (PINE user and damn proud of it)
email: static@exit109.com

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