The Crossroads Legend (long)

bob vanarsdall rvana@MINDSPRING.COM
Tue Jul 29 11:43:16 EDT 1997

Cary Wolfson very appropriately corrected me that it was Mack McCormick,
not McCarthy, who did the primary research on Robert Johnson. That's what I
get for posting from work where I don't have my books at hand.

McCormick is owed a debt by anyone interested in the Johnson story for his
research into the actual facts of who he was and what his life was about.
Rumors of his book on Johnson have been around since the 60's, and are
repeated by Guralnick. In it he is supposed to assemble all the known facts
and the story of his journeys through the South tracking leads down.

Does anyone know why Mr. McCormick doesn't publish his research? A
psychological block? Fear of being tied up in a lawsuit from Steve LaVere
for all eternity?


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