The convention

Steve Levine Steve.Levine@CORP.WRGRACE.COM
Tue Jul 29 10:56:54 EDT 1997

I got back from the Poconos last night, and I'm catching up with work
this morning (I'm glad I went nomail before I left!). I'll be posting
reviews of both the festival (excellent! One of the best I've ever been
to!) and the convention later this week. I'll also be writing an
article on it for the next month's DC Blues Calendar.  I just wanted to
send a brief post saying that the convention was a great idea that
really worked well. It was so nice to finally meet people I've been
emailing for months or years, and to see some old friends again. Barry
and Bob should be commended for their work in organizing the
convention. Like I said, more on the festival and convention later this
week, now I have to get back to work!


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