Grouch-l (was Blues i think?)

Ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Tue Jul 29 10:28:29 EDT 1997

>> music, a certain group of people that can safetly be reffered to as
>> man" (this can includes those of all races and either sex) has
>> taken pure, raw, natural art forms and added useless, unneccessary
>> to them. When a bird sings, it is not thinking about what key it is
in. And
>> singing bird is a beautiful thing. I'm afraid that you, like so many
>> people, are caught up in a web of  B.S. that has been perpetuating
>> after generation.
>I'm Confused, I looked out the window and a bird sang, it was
>beautifull, then another bird came along and sang in the wrong key?
>Oh I get it, It was a Blues Bird!  RFH
Why are you all so grouchy this week?
Except Harry.  Harry's never grouchy.
Must be the tattoos :)

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