Blues-L Convention: Long

Domenic Forcella forcellad@CCSU.EDU
Tue Jul 29 07:59:50 EDT 1997

Some quick thoughts, mental collage.
The Friday jam showed that not only do the Zellers talk the talk, they walk
the walk.  And getting faces to the posts was an added benefit.

People's smiles as they met you is one image that will remain with me.  Of
course why they were smiling as they found out who I was is a mystery to me.

CONGRATULATIONS to Chuck Bloomingburg, Chairman of the Board of Directors,
the Blues Foundation.

The festival had the right mix and it seemed the placement of the acts was
really good.  Tutu Jones openning up Sunday morning.  He knew how ro get a
crowd that had been partying for 2 days up and shaking.

Closing with Booby Rush.  It kept the crowd focused.
Saffire never fails and they once again proved to crank up any size
audience.  From their workshop to the festival crowd.

Texas Johnny Brown, I had a chance to pass on Jeff Seale's recommendation.
In talking with him, I realized that this Blues-L network can be more
powerful than we realize.  Johnny was glad to hear that Jeff had spread the
word, it also seemed to give him a comfort level in talking to me.  Besides
he put on a great performance that people were talking about before he got
off the stage.

The recognition that the Blues-L presence got from the Pocono's staff was
just one indication of the nice treatment accorded the group.  Only my
second year but the festival is a class act.

A good indication of the spirit of the festival and type of crowd, for you
security minded, there are no police on site.  Pocono's staff maintains the
place.  Police are out handling the traffic.

Well, I enjoyed renewing friendships and meeting a lot of the Blues-L
people that were there.  While we may have only been able to exchange a
sentence or two it will sure add to the blues experience.

Got BC and the Blues Crew on now and have a number of cds to go through.

Let's do it again.

Domenic Forcella
Traveling with the Blues
WFCS 107.7

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