Chuckles (was Albert and the lost key)

Jim Bardsley bardsljr@UMDNJ.EDU
Tue Jul 29 07:13:52 EDT 1997

And for what it's worth, there's some wonderful footage of Keith ( nee
Keef) Richards trying to act as bandleader for Chuck in the "Hail, Hail,
Rock N Roll" ( I think that's the name) documentary: it seems Chuck had
a predilicition (sp?) for switching into, shall we say, 'unusual' keys
for rock n' when, after the first chorus of Maybelline ,
Chuck waves at Keith, trying to get him to switch to F#m, Keith, in the
meanwhile, has 9 musicians out there all rehearsed in A, including the
horn section, and he's waving the Chuckster off. Nope, no F#m....

Chuck played the break in "A".


Martin Dunstan wrote:

> Bonnie's Chuck Berry story is a classic, and one that I have heard in
> a similar vein in from his Australian concerts.
> Again, using the local backing band, no rehearsal and arriving right
> on showtime, Chuck sticks his head into the band's dressing room and
> says something like:  "Hello, I'm Mr Berry.  I play in E, and A and
> D", then withdraws and hey, it's showtime!
> (I probably got the keys wrong, but who cares, you get my drift!)
> Now can we leave Albert alone?
> Regards,
> Martin Dunstan
> Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA

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