NY CD Blues update ....

Barry Silverberg bsco@PANIX.COM
Tue Jul 29 06:05:50 EDT 1997

I have just uploaded this months reviews ... the entire Testament catalog
is up. The reviews can be accessed on our main page from either section -
CD Reviews & Feature Articles, MAMA'S JOOK JOINT BLUES or in the archives
section under Testament.  For those of you interested in purchasing discs
from the Testament catalog you can head over to Joel Slotnikoff's - Blues
World for that.

A few new features ..
1. The Convention Page is now set up for comments from the attendees -
   Hey attendees, be sure and send me those paragraph blurbs.
2. The Bluesmakers is up with our first artist page on Doug MacLeod.  For
   those of you who know my long standing take that info rules (vs. pics)
   there is even a picture of Doug there.  (PS - any artists that have an
   interest in their own artist page please get in touch with me -- bands
   as well).
3. New interview from Sharon (Ms. Mojo).
4. The Pocono page will be updated soon with a complete review of each of
   the artists (this year we covered the indoor and outdoor performances).


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