Big Walter & Otis Spann

Claudio Caponi
Tue Jul 29 02:45:39 EDT 1997

The following message went lost in last week blackout. Even if the thread
on Big Walter has already ended, i think it is still relevant, specially my
question at the end...:-)

Everytime there is a thread on Big Walter and someone asks for his
essential work, "Easy" , "Walking by myself", "Evening Sun" or some of his
albums are recommended. These are all great, but my favorite Big Walter
recording is as a sideman on Otis Spann's "Bloody Murder". This was
originally released as Excello single 2329. I had it on Columbia LP
CG30008, "Story of the Blues" (a great introduction to the Blues, which I
think has been rereleased on CD by  dutch Columbia, but not by Sony),
before somebody stole it. I have it now thanks to a tape made for me by
Chris Smith (I surely miss him on blues-l).

Anyhow, no harp solo here, but I dare anyone that listens to this song to
find a note that could be changed to make it more perfect (yes, I know I
shouldn't say that, just listen to it and you will approve my choice of
words). The fact that Otis Spann is in great form both vocally and on piano
surely helps.
I have used this song time and again to answer the periodical question "why
do  you like the blues?" and the results are always some variation of
 "Wow! Now I understand..."

BTW, if somebody knows if this has been reissued on CD, please tell me. I
would buy a 7CD collection, just for this song!!!

Claudio Caponi                           "I've had my fun..."
Caracas, Venezuela                            Otis Spann

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