Blues_L Convention Messages...

Reg Burns ryburns@SWBELL.NET
Tue Jul 29 02:17:38 EDT 1997

Thanks to all that have posted messages concerning the Blues-L
convention get-together at the Pocanos.  Makes me really sorry I had to
miss it, but I'll try again.  One recommendation would be that it be in
a more centrally located site.  From the posts (and friends that have
attended) I know the Pocanos is a terrific venue.  But, we must consider
that we are all spread out over the nation (and world) and that a more
centrally located site (like, Chicago, Memphis or even Helena) would
probably be preferable.

The posts really makes me want to plan my future vacations around the
get-together, just hope I can convince the missuz that it's a priority.
Planning on going to either Helena or Long Beach this year...she's
leaning toward LB.  Really hope to meet some fellow zellers, regardless.

Reg Burns - Houston, TX

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