Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Steve Jeter bluesman@JUMPOINT.COM
Tue Jul 29 01:06:34 EDT 1997

Hey!CCCan't we allll, just ggget along?
This really is a bit much...
My delete key is wearing out.

Ed Vadas wrote:

> In a message dated 97-07-27 19:52:50 EDT, Boneblues@AOL.COM (Tony
> LaCroix)
> writes:
> << I'm afraid that you, like so many other
>  people, are caught up in a web of  B.S. that has been perpetuating
> generation
>  after generation. >>
> And your rantings are right on!   All art, literature and music made
> by
> Caucasions
> is cheap technical trash, while all contributions from all other
> races...
> lack study, practice and precision... they have achieved greatness
> simplybecause they were happanstanced upon by the pure of heart.
> Your post
> implication are insulting to all races...  enjoy your life... must be
> lonely
> way up there!
> Ed V


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