After Pocono Festival, Sunday night ...

Stew Crossen bfstew@NECA.COM
Mon Jul 28 21:59:19 EDT 1997

During the Pocono festival Sunday , the buzz was that "everyone" would
be heading over to The Blue Heron Grill for some jams afterwards.

So, sometime between the downpour and when Bobby Rush finished, we
headed for the car.  After getting the boys settled at the Days Inn,
Beth and I headed over to The Blue Heron, surprised to see Connecticut's
own Mike Crandel blowin' his harp with Carey Bell's band.

Nice job Mike!

After about 90 minutes of what we thought were routine jams, we headed
over to Shenanigans to catch NYC's Mark The Harper.

And what a good choice it turned out to be. Mark's band "The Journeymen"
are a hot trio and Mark was tearin' it up on the harp.  BUT, what really
got me tappin' my toes was that Mike Dugan (RaveOn Records) got up and did
a set with Mark and the band.

Mike blew me away. I've listened to his new album "All My Blues" and it's
a good disc, but Mike is really something live.  Very strong, gutsy vocals
with clean, tasty guitar work.  Gonna go back and listen to the CD again
with a new set of ears!

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