Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Mon Jul 28 21:24:31 EDT 1997

Dave Melton wrote:
> Boneblues@aol.com wrote:
> >
> > In a message dated 97-07-28 04:56:53 EDT, slydemann@earthlink.net (Dave
> > Melton) writes:
> >
> > <<   My friend, all music (including blues) has to do with "keys."
> >  > Without "keys", proper measure, etc. it ceases to be music and
> >  > becomes merely noize.

 Wait a minute! I did not write that.

If you would have read that post more carefully
you would have seen that it was a quote signed "Greg"
at the bottom of the statement. Always try to look very closely before
you  respond, for in this case, you have refered to the wrong person.

 Dave Melton

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