The Crossroads Legend

Jim Page
Mon Jul 28 21:04:52 EDT 1997

I posted this twice before realizing I had to subscribe to Blues-L first.
Sorry about that.

Anyway, I was e-mailing with Riffin' Rick Miller and he suggested I submit
this question to this learned group!

We have read or heard that Robert Johnson was rebuffed by several older
bluesmen for his lack of skill on guitar, that Johnson went away for a
relatively short period of time, and that he returned as a skilled guitar

Further, Johnson related in song and in stories to his friends that he had
sold his soul to the Devil at a crossroads in return for his new guitar

My question is this:  has anyone researched or looked into where Johnson
actually DID go during this time, and who he might have studied with?  It
seems likely he studied somewhere with someone.

Thanks in advance for your replies (if any!).

--Jim Page

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