Average Blues-Ler age/Blues Future

Babe in Bluesland carolmc@nervm.nerdc.ufl.edu
Mon Jul 28 19:09:48 EDT 1997

>     There can be little doubt that the blues is on one of its all too
>infrequent upswings, mainly because many (dare I say most) of you have
>reached an age and level of stability and financial security where you have a
>little extra dough to buy CDs, subscribe to magazines, buy computers, and go
>to live blues shows etc.


(I say you because I am 23, younger
>than the average blues fan and blues-ler and I came to blues through Muddy
>Waters and coincidence)

I'm 31 and I know there are others my age here too...so I hope the age
spread of blues fans is more varied than you think. But I appreciate your
thoughtful post. And I share your concern. I know that I'm not getting much
past the oldies in my blues listening so I don't know if there will be
artists to sustains this current Blues boom...but that's my humble opinion.
I've still got a lotta years to get to the new ones.


Babe in Bluesland,
Carol Mc

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