BLUES-L ADMIN: Current Problems with List

David Silberberg davidis@INTERACCESS.COM
Mon Jul 28 16:59:04 EDT 1997

Well, this one isn't my fault (I don't think):

I, as list-mom, am getting the following error message periodically for Mr.

>An error occurred while logging mail to the archives of the BLUES-L list. An
>incomplete copy  of the message  might be present  in the archive  file. The
>list is being held to prevent further occurrences of this error. Please take
>corrective  action and  issue a  "FREE BLUES-L"  command when  you want  the
>message to be reprocessed.
>Serious error occurred - traceback follows
>>>> Error X'0010006B' writing file "BLUES-L LOG9707E M1" <<<
> -> Severity: Error
> -> Facility: FSWRITE
> -> Abstract: Out of disk space
> -> I/O mode: Record write

This means, I think, that the archive disk is full, and that Blues-L
activity is being "held", meaning that no messages are being processed.

I have e-mailed (this morning at about 11 AM CDT) to
cmsmaint@BROWNVM.BROWN.EDU, which is our list maintainer at Brown, asking
him to help us with this problem.

In the meantime, I have sent a "free blues-l command" three times since
then, which temporarily clears the problem and releases the held messages.
I don't think any messages are being lost - just held until the list gets

I also think that only people at Brown can finally solve the problem, by
freeing up some disk space by deleting old archives (which they are
supposed to do automatically).  If anyone knows any diferent, please let me

Modern technology....

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