White Boys

Gregory A. Conn gconn@SPRINTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 28 16:46:14 EDT 1997

> Am I missing something here or what.  Geeze!  What's the big deal
> about saying "white boy?"

>>It's racist.

>  Really?  Is the movie title "White Men Can't Jump" racist?  Is the
>  song title "Play That Funky Music White Boy" racist? etc, etc.

>> As a matter of fact, yes they are.  Would you consider these racist
>> if they were "black" instead of white?  If so, you have a double >> standard.

 No, I don't personally have a double standard.  However, a double
standard does exist. You are correct in this respect.  If a movie came
out with a title  "Black Men Can't Play Hockey" there would be nation
wide protests, boycotts of movie theaters, etc.
 Yet somehow it's perfectly acceptable to imply with a movie title that
white men are not capable of doing something.
 However when using the term "boy" it just doesn't have the same
connotation or meaning for whites as it does for black men.  Not too
long ago the term "boy" was used openly and condescendingly implying
they were something less than a man (quite possibly the impetus behind
Muddy Waters' refrain  "I'm a man, I'm a man, m-a-n, man." etc.)
 However the term "boy" has never been used condescendingly towards
whites and simply does not imply the same thing nor does it conjure up
any negative memories or images.  Therefore, ipso deducto, the term
"white boy" is in no way racist.

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