Albert Collins (Final Rant, a bit long)

Mike Curtis ironmanc@JUNO.COM
Mon Jul 28 16:18:13 EDT 1997

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997 23:56:14 -0700 Dave Melton <slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET>

>Okay, here I go, gotta say a few things, then I'm done with
>this whole silly argument.

Yes, it HAS gotten silly.

>Let's put the shoe on the other foot for a moment. Let's just
>imagine for a moment Albert handing his guitar, with the capo
>and his own tuning over to one of those other guitar players.
>I'd like to see what they are going to come up with.  To quote your
>statement, I believe that person would show me a "serious lack of
>facility and technique."Now do you get it? Albert had
>HIS OWN TECHNIQUE. It was a vehicle that worked for him. He had
>a unique style and he was a master AT WHAT HE DID.

Albert was also self taught.  He wasn't perfect.  He did ONE THING.  But
he did that one thing EXCEPTIONALLY WELL.

>If he screwed up that night, so be it. That was a night's disappointment
>for you. But that was just one night. You missed all the good ones,
>and that's too bad.

Exactly.  It was one performance - a single brushstroke on Collins canvas
of life. I would have been likewise disappointed at his lack of facility
to adjust.  But that in no way minimizes his GOOD accomplishments.  In
fact, it just might make them that much more exceptional, because we now
have a musician that became a master despite working under a serious
handicap.  I have perfect pitch.  I'm SUPPOSED to be good (even though it
has taken - and is still taking - an awful lot of work).  Apparently
Collins had no such gift/skill, which makes his accomplishments that much
more exceptional.

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