Albert Collins (Final Rant, a bit long)

Tony LaCroix
Mon Jul 28 16:12:00 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-28 04:56:53 EDT, (Dave
Melton) writes:

<<   My friend, all music (including blues) has to do with "keys."
 > Without "keys", proper measure, etc. it ceases to be music and
 > becomes merely noize.
 > >>

That's simply not true. You have limited music to Western music of the last
couple of centuries. Ask yourself these questions: Why is most of the music
we hear based on instruments tuned to "half-steps?" "Why can't I play my
guitar with all six strings tuned to the same note?" "If the band is playing
in the 'key of A', wouldn't it be unique, interesting, and original for me to
play in the 'key of F', or just play one note, making rythm the essential
ingredient, or not play at all (something that BB King has mastered)?"

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