Reflections on the convention ...

Barry Silverberg bsco@PANIX.COM
Mon Jul 28 14:24:41 EDT 1997

NOTE to all attendees - post your BIG ones here and send on a shorter
version to me. For everyone to know, the convention page will now become a
repository for the zellers reflections and/or comments on their convention
weekend. The url will remain the same - and if I am right Bob Unger is
planning a photo page of the fest. I sure hope he opens it with that
closing pic we all took under the blues-l sign. Major thanks also to
Michael Cloeren for really making us feel welcome and doing all he did for
us. Having the blues-l room was terrific and his mentioning us as part of
the fest at the Sunday morning conference was above and beyond the call of

The weekend for me:
Outstanding weekend.  I'm sure everyone who was there will share their
experience - if not, Eric will put them on review (I'm only joking). What
was truly special was seeing so many zellers there (our count may have
reached 100+, including families and friends) with a real opportunity to
spend time together and talk - face to face. BTW, noone brought a keyboard
;-). The JAM was a roar. Just so you know - those folks who say they can
play and sing, CAN!!!! Capri's blues-l tags made it easy to spot the other
offenders in the crowd and so a real sense of community was there. The
several times we met were really solidifying for me and gave presence to
being a part of blues-l (thanks lord).

Oh yes - the festival was very good too.  For me Tutu Jones stole the two
days. If he is in your neighborhood - GO FOR IT.

Second surprise was Paul Delay.  I was off to the side when his set began
and it didn't sound too good. I remembered the raves he got here and so I
moved my can right out front - good move. I was mesmerized for his whole
show.  What I liked best was - IT WAS A TOTALLY ORIGINAL FEELING ACT.
Thanks to all for the rec.

And Texas Johnny Brown (I think it was Jeff Seale who noted him) was a
major listen-to for me.

We covered a lot of ground. Zellers were there from as far south as
Florida (hi Gloria) to as far north as Canada (Liz - the maple syrup was

I know that Lea skipped this part of JAM but YES YES YES, she did bowl us
over (that's why she closed with the duet - Brian thanks for George).

I am noticing that writing now I am no longer writing to faceless folks
(not just the zellers who were at the convention BUT now to every zeller).
I guess seeing that some keyboards have faces made it real for me that all
keyboards have faces (and souls & hearts too). Whoever had this original
idea of blues-l conventions ought to go down in the blues-l annals as a

Big thanks to the team who made it happen AND thanks to everyone who came
and made it so easy to prepare and carry out.

Barry (a happy zeller)

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