Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Ed Vadas
Mon Jul 28 11:51:26 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-27 19:52:50 EDT, Boneblues@AOL.COM (Tony LaCroix)

<< I'm afraid that you, like so many other
 people, are caught up in a web of  B.S. that has been perpetuating
 after generation. >>

And your rantings are right on!   All art, literature and music made by
is cheap technical trash, while all contributions from all other races...
lack study, practice and precision... they have achieved greatness
simplybecause they were happanstanced upon by the pure of heart.   Your post
implication are insulting to all races...  enjoy your life... must be lonely
way up there!

Ed V

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