ADMIN: *LOST MESSAGES* (the Review thing)

Mon Jul 28 10:09:34 EDT 1997

Bon Matin All,

Before I go back to lurk mode I am sorry to say that the messages posted
between July 23rd and 25th that did not already appear ont the list will
have to be reposted if still actual (I had to let go a folder on the NT
server who's got very limited disk space).

So sorry for the inconvenience nut you will have to repost if you feel the
message is still current ...

I hope the convention was a success ...

My best to all of you and a special "Bon Matin" to those I personnally know

( my home connection should be restablished somewhere this fall,
presumabley late October, see you then)

PS May God Bless Luther Allison and may he be well and Bluesin' his fire
again soon!!!

Eric, ex-Clerk and neo-Lurker (see Writin' Lawrence it's my turn ;-)

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