Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Ruth Vadi ruth_vadi@HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Jul 28 09:58:13 EDT 1997

>There is nothing inherently wrong with the term "white boy" itself.
>of my best friends have been white boys ;^)
>Suppose you were talking to someone about Corvettes and you wanted to
>mention that there was a guy where you worked that owned one.  Why
>you say "There's a white guy where I work that drives a Corvette." and
>simply "There's a guy where I work that owns a Corvette."?  If you used
>"white guy", wouldn't I wonder why you thought the guy's race was
>This has nothing to do with being "politically correct".  This has to
>with saying what you mean.  The race of the guys playing with Albert
>Collins had absolutely nothing to do with the point I was making, but I
>implied that it did when I described them as "white boys" prior to my
>You follow me now, Greg?
The term "white boys" in the context of playing blues is often used by
white boys to describe themselves, particularly in the South.  I think
Stevie Ray Vaughn and the Allman Bros. have described themselves as
white boys but I can't find the quotes.  Does anyone else have them?

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