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Mike Curtis ironmanc@JUNO.COM
Mon Jul 28 09:19:03 EDT 1997

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997 19:50:36 -0400 Tony LaCroix <>

>You may be right about all of this, but for the sake of mankind, I
>hope you're not. The best art, music, poetry, literature, inventions,
>and other creations come from a phenomenon that has many names and is
>absolute, there is no grey area. This beast of beauty has been reffered
to as
>improvisation, self-discovery, divine intervention, feel-playing, making
>up as you go, pulling it out of your a**, raw emotion, playing it from
>heart, playing with your balls, and soul food among many other things.
In my
>study of music, which I have purposelly limited because of the massive
>of music produced in the last millenium that has more to do with math
>music, a certain group of people that can safetly be reffered to as
>man" (this can includes those of all races and either sex) has
>taken pure, raw, natural art forms and added useless, unneccessary
>to them. When a bird sings, it is not thinking about what key it is in.
>singing bird is a beautiful thing. I'm afraid that you, like so many
>people, are caught up in a web of  B.S. that has been perpetuating
>after generation.

Is this a joke?  If so, I don't get it.  If it's serious, it makes no
sense to me a musician.

Music has rules.  Emotion without rules is noise, not music.  Just get
your two year old mad and see how musical it is - but it is certainly
emotional :-)

Despite many rumours to the contrary, music itself is not at all
mathematical except in the most rudimentary sense, e.g. counting measures
and beats, tone intervals, and other plain old zero order magnitude
stuff.  The physics of music is mathematical (as is the physics of
ANYTHING), but that has nothing to do with the music itself, just as we
might say that the physics of sex has a mathematical basis but your
partner will surely toss you out on your ear if (s)he catches you with
your scientific calculator mid-(inter)course.

Singing birds, while beautiful, are not the least bit musical.  Birds
don't create music the way humans do.  The proper term for a bunch of
birds singing at the same time is "cacophony", also meaning harsh,
jarring, and dissonant.  It's beautiful, but it is not music.

Also, how can "white man" refer to non-whites?  If that's not what you
mean, then please use the proper term.  But why do you even need a racist
label like "white man"?  I find ALL forms of racism distasteful.  Racism
is inherently evil, whatever guise it takes.  And I sure hope it's not
something that can "safetly" be "reffered" to.

 -- mike

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