Son House

bonnie kalmbach bjkalmba@FACSTAFF.WISC.EDU
Mon Jul 28 07:24:07 EDT 1997

That's a great collection!  If it sounds rough, especially
the Son House sides, it's because they are from his 1930
sessions with Paramount, and the sound quality on that
label was never very good to begin with. Nevertheless, many
people consider these, his first recordings - as far as we
know - to be his finest.


At 08:49 PM 7/28/97 +1000, you wrote:
>Apologies if this has already been posted to the list:
>I have recently listened to some later Son House which I really enjoyed.  I
>checked out a few sources including the AMG, and came across a CD titled:
>Masters of the Delta Blues: The Friends of Charley Patton (Yazoo).
>One review highly recommended it, while another was positive but said it was
>a bit "rough" without further explanation.
>Any comments or other recommendations would be appreciated,
>Bob Green

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