Harvey Fuqua

Claudio Caponi ccaponi@marnr.gov.ve
Mon Jul 28 03:08:00 EDT 1997

I meant to ask this question for a long time, but always seemed to forget, until
in yesterday's dates by eRIC, I saw:

FUQUA, HARVEY(prod/co-lead/THE MOONGLOWS) b. 1929-0727, LOUISVILLE,      KY

I am not much into doo-wop, but I was always impressed by his voice
on the duet with Etta James on "If I can't have you" that I have on
"The Essential Etta James". The only thing I know of him is that he
was Etta James first love (according to the liner notes). Who can
tell me something more on him, and what are the recommended recordings
to enjoy that great voice?

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