Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Billy Chambless billy@CAST.MSSTATE.EDU
Sun Jul 27 20:42:13 EDT 1997

P.W. Fenton said:

] To be able to make such an inaccurate statement you apparently have never
] even attempted to play a musical instrument.  Unless you learn how to play
] an instrument, which involves learning to play in various keys, no amount
] of feeling and/or emotion will allow you to play the Blues (especially with
] other musicians).

Hands up everybody who's had to deal with the guitar player (loosely
defined) who can only play in the keys of E and A.

] Musicians educate themselves and practice technique in order to have the
] freedom to play from their souls without thinking.  It's not a step that
] can be skipped (unless of course you believe the "Crossroads" legend).


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