Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Tony LaCroix
Sun Jul 27 19:50:36 EDT 1997

In a message dated 97-07-27 19:17:10 EDT, (P.W. Fenton)

<< Blues music doesn't have anything to do with "keys", it's only got to do
 >feelings and emotions.

 To be able to make such an inaccurate statement you apparently have never
 even attempted to play a musical instrument.  Unless you learn how to play
 an instrument, which involves learning to play in various keys, no amount
 of feeling and/or emotion will allow you to play the Blues (especially with
 other musicians).

 >And I bet Albert Collins could play a better solo in
 >the "wrong key" than most "educated musicians" can pull out of their
 >technical behinds!

 Don't bet any money on that.  That is a bet you would lose.  Playing a solo
 in a key other than the key your accompanists are playing in would be
 recognized as "bad" even by people who consider themselves "tone deaf".

 Musicians educate themselves and practice technique in order to have the
 freedom to play from their souls without thinking.  It's not a step that
 can be skipped (unless of course you believe the "Crossroads" legend).

 For me personally, when I see a Blues-l discussion on a subject I know very
 little about, I have found it's better to just read it.

You may be right about all of this, but for the sake of mankind, I really
hope you're not. The best art, music, poetry, literature, inventions, ideas,
and other creations come from a phenomenon that has many names and is
absolute, there is no grey area. This beast of beauty has been reffered to as
improvisation, self-discovery, divine intervention, feel-playing, making it
up as you go, pulling it out of your a**, raw emotion, playing it from the
heart, playing with your balls, and soul food among many other things. In my
study of music, which I have purposelly limited because of the massive amount
of music produced in the last millenium that has more to do with math than
music, a certain group of people that can safetly be reffered to as "white
man" (this can includes those of all races and either sex) has consistantly
taken pure, raw, natural art forms and added useless, unneccessary structure
to them. When a bird sings, it is not thinking about what key it is in. And
singing bird is a beautiful thing. I'm afraid that you, like so many other
people, are caught up in a web of  B.S. that has been perpetuating generation
after generation.

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