Non-Wrong Key Albert Collins

Kevin redrooster@WEBTV.NET
Sun Jul 27 19:09:45 EDT 1997

 I stumbled across a 45 from Albert Collins at a flea market.
 It's a DJ copy of the song, "Eight Days On The Road". Written by J.
Raggavoy and M. Gayle. Copyright 1972.
Tumbleweed Records. Produced and engineered by Bill Szymczyk. Arranged
by Joe Walsh(?)! Recorded at Caribou Ranch, 8600 feet!
  I tried to listen to it, but I can't find my little 45 hole-filler
doohickey! (What's that called anyway?). Anyway, from what I could make
out, it sounded like AC!
  Anybody  know about this recording?
Any info would greatly appreciated!

 Kevin Kessinger
 Tampa, FL
      Diggin' that Super Chikan!

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