Albert and the lost key

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Sun Jul 27 16:56:42 EDT 1997

On Sun, 27 Jul 1997 03:36:52 -0400 "Gregory A. Conn"
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>scott allman wrote:
>>   You know, it seems to me that who was in the wrong key...ain't the
> Albert Collins was pretty much lost without a capo...that's the

His music speaks for itself.  If you're so overcome with a mere
technicality, so be it.  You're missing out on some great music.  I'm
not.  It's a fact of life that everyone has faults and limitations.
Rejecting the larger picture because of an errant brushstroke is a sure
fire way to miss out on many of the better things in life.

Would you feel the same if the band had changed to Alberts key?

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