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I think this didn't make it through the blackout.  Apologies if it did.

Also, please note the new URL!  The old one no longer works.  (It's a long
and sordid tale of corporate excesses and profound incompetence.)


More than 300 blues-related books are available from through The
Blue Highway.  All proceeds from referral fees go to the Wortham Black
Cemetery Association in Wortham, Texas, which maintains the grave and new
headstone of Blind Lemon Jefferson.  To date, the association has received
$118.07 from your purchases.  For all the details (and photos of Lemon's
new headstone), see:

Most of the 300+ available titles are now being sold at 20 to 30 percent
off the cover price.  Most paperbacks are 20 percent off.  Most hardcovers
are 30 percent off.

I hope you'll all remember this special project when you find yourself in
need of a particular blues book.  If you don't need a book but still want
to contribute, the address is: Wortham Black Cemetery Association, P.O. Box
845, Wortham, TX 76693.


The B.B. King Companion : Five Decades of Commentary; Richard Kostelanetz,
Anson John Pope (Editor); Paperback (May 1997)

Big Star Fallin' Mama : Five Women in Black Music; Hettie Jones; Paperback
(February 1997)

The Devil's Music : A History of the Blues; Giles Oakley; Paperback (April

Dirty Bird Blues : A Novel; Clarence Major; Paperback (July 1997)

Electric Blues; Erikka Haa; Hardcover (March 1997)

Encyclopedia of the Blues; Gerard Herzhaft, Paperback (May 1997)

Happy Traum Teaches Blues Guitar : A Hands-On Beginner's Course in Country
Blues; Harry Traum; Paperback (January 1997)

James Brown : The Godfather of Soul; James Brown, Bruce Tucker; Paperback
(February 1997)

John Sebastian Teaches Blues Harmonica : A Complete Guide for Beginners;
John Sebastian; Paperback (January 1997)

The New Blackwell Guide to Recorded Blues (Blackwell Guide Series); Paul
Oliver, et al; Hardcover and Paperback (December 1996)

Playing the Bones : A Novel; Louise Redd, Michael Pietsch; Paperback (May

Really the Blues; Stephen Green (Photographer), Mindy Giles; Paperback
(December 1996)

Roosevelt's Blues : Black Blues and Gospel Songs on FDR; Guido Van Rijn;
Hardcover and Paperback (February 1997)

The Story of the Blues; Peter O. E. Bekker; Hardcover and Paperback (April

Wash-Basin Street Blues; Mark O'Sullivan; Paperback (December 1996)

UPCOMING TITLES -- preorder!

The Best of the Blues : The 101 Essential Blues Albums; Robert Santelli;

The Blues : Mississippi to Millennium; Tony Russell; Hardcover

Blues : A Photographic Documentary; David Harrison, Silvia Pitcher
(Photographer), Dave Peabody; Hardcover

Blues and Gospel Records : 1890-1943; Robert M.W. Dixon, John Godrich;

Conversation With the Blues; Paul Oliver; Hardcover and Paperback

The New Grove Gospel Blues and Jazz : With Spirituals and Ragtime; Paul
Oliver, Paperback

The Old Cotton Blues; Linda England; Hardcover

Ornate With Smoke; Sterling Plumpp; Hardcover and Paperback

Power Trio Blues (Inside the Blues Series); Dave Rubin; Paperback

Sassy Jazz and Slo' Draggin' Blues : Music in the Poetry of Langston
Hughes; Pat E. Bonner; Hardcover

Tiny's Hat; Ann Grifalconi; Hardcover and Library Binding

Zen and the Art of Blues Harmonica; David Harp; Paperback

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