Harvey Mandel

Dave Melton slydemann@EARTHLINK.NET
Sat Jul 26 18:51:42 EDT 1997

Jeff Taylor wrote:
> Harvey Mandel was the guitarist on Charlie Musselwhite's first album.
> He was a hot guitarist name in the late 60's and early 70's rock scene.
> I saw him within the last year.  Too rock and speed oriented for my
> taste.  Not a waste of money, but I would go to see him again.  I won't
> avoid him either.
> IHMO: substance abuse has taken it's toll.  Coordination and technique
> are intact.  Emotionally flat.
> Jeff T

He sat in when I was at Larry Blake's in Berkeley a few years back,
and I had a similar assessment. I really liked his playing with
Canned Heat's "Future Blues" and Mayall's Back to the Roots LP,
but that was in l970 or 71 and my tastes may have altered somewhat.
Technically intact but emotionally flat seems an accurate description.
He is an interesting player though with a unique style.

Dave Melton

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