What's The Frequency, Mike (was Re: Slide persons)

William Sakovich sakovich@GOL.COM
Fri Jul 25 20:37:05 EDT 1997

In article <19970725.004204.8103.13.IronManC@juno.com>,
ironmanc@juno.com (Mike Curtis) wrote:
> On Wed, 23 Jul 1997 11:08:47 -0400 William Sakovich <sakovich@GOL.COM>
> writes:
> >Or, maybe common Americans could find some other vernacular to
> >describe anal-retentive types.
> I really wish you would stop using this highly offensive term - and I'm
> sure I'm not the only one that finds it offensive.  Several people I know
> died of colon cancer, a VERY serious and horrible disease.  How can you
> trivialize something so terrible and painful and be so insensitive?

This is about the oddest note I've ever seen on this mailing list.

1. I was quoting someone else, Ironguy. You *did* read the whole note,
didn't you?

Didn't you?

2. In my experience, everyone who's used this term in this way is
referring to Freudian psychoanalysis. It describes a certain type of

I could ask why you thought that a note that was clearly, from the
context, a discussion of personalities, was instead making a reference
to colonic cancer. On second thought, though, that might tell us more
about your predilictions than we really want to know.

The guy was saying that Americans often used the term Nazi to describe
anal-retentive types.

I don't know about the crowd you hang out with, but most of the people
I know aren't talking about colon cancer when they use the word

3. You open up a whole can of worms with this thread, though,
suggesting that people shouldn't use certain expressions. You set a
good example for us. How thoughtful of you to call me "insensitive"
instead of "heartless".

I guess that means I can't call your note "brain dead".

Maybe we can't even use the word "guitar" around here any more. Too
insensitive. After all, Keith Relf electrocuted himself with one,
dying in his basement some years ago. Instead, we'd have to say that
Danny Kirwan's wife beat him over the head several years ago with his

4. And then there's that unique outlook of yours. A few days ago, you
defended the use of the word Nazi as being "good old American
hyperbole". That was your expression, right?

Let's see if I have this straight. You think that it's hunky-dory to
casually throw around the name for people who gassed six million Jews
and were responsible for the deaths of millions more, because after
all it's just an amusing turn of phrase in the good ol' USA.

On the other hand, no one else can use a term from Freudian
psychoanalysis because, for some reason (is the moon still in the
seventh house?), you seem to think it's a reference to colonic cancer
and you know several people who died of it.

Maybe you should put this in the FAQ or something.

- Bill Sakovich (sakovich@gol.com)

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