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Harry Mc Gonigal blueta2@ENTER.NET
Fri Jul 25 20:27:16 EDT 1997

> WHEN (not IF) something like this happens (guest artist, wrong key, AND
> he can't/won't_change), SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.  If the guest won't/can't
> change key, the BAND must do so.  In any case, SOMEONE must give in and
> change.  If the band is unable to discern keys, it is high time that they
> spend a little time on ear training and key recognition.  Even if they
> don't have perfect pitch, someone in the band should still be able to
> figure out what key he is playing and tell the others to change key.
> BTW, what's with the "white boy" junk?  This could (has) happened to
> people of all origins and backgrounds.
Having backed up a lot of Legends, Ya got to roll with the punches.
Their right we are not. Its amatter of respect! The band shoulda picked
it up and changed KEY!
  I won't mention names but once a Legend was out of tune. I tried to
get him to retune.  He said he WAS in tune.  He was, but not with the
keyboard! When we took a break I had some one distract him and I tuned
him to the keyboard.  the second show was great.  RFH
           "Hot, Blue and Righteous!"
                The Legendary
Rev. Flamin' Harry and the Roadhouse Rockers
      "Hot Blues......Cool Tattoos!"

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