Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Leonard Watkins ISTS024@UABDPO.DPO.UAB.EDU
Fri Jul 25 16:32:31 EDT 1997

>WHEN (not IF) something like this happens (guest artist, wrong key, AND
>he can't/won't_change), SOMETHING MUST BE DONE.  If the guest won't/can't
>change key, the BAND must do so.  In any case, SOMEONE must give in and

Reminds me of when ZZ Top was backin Lightnin Hopkins and Lightnin didn't
change when Top thought he should. Billy G mentioned it and Lightnin said
soemthing like "Lightnin changes when Lightnin wants to change'

You have to go with the feel RIGHT THEN not the feel that was
there yesterday. I recently did the same, riding the groove and didn't change
the harp player was right on top of it.

When backing a legend such as Albert Collins (been listening to him all day)
I think I would change keys instead of expecting Albert to change. Course I
don't know the whole story.


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