Clarksdale: The Return of the Ike

Wed Jul 23 12:15:00 EDT 1997

>Even if Ike shows up in a wheel chair and drools on his instrument,
>and is a pathetic post-stroke veggie, his place in musical history
>would be assured, wife beating and drug abuse not withstanding. He
>deserves a hats off just for getting Elmore James and Howlin' Wolf on
>vinyl, if nothing else. Remember Sam Phillips and Sun Studios?
 I quite agree and he was also a brilliant guitarist (sounding very like
Otis Rush ) and piano player. To music historians, at least, he is the
more important and more talented of the Ike and Tina duo. (I do like
Tina, though).

The Sunflower lineup can be found at:

        driving 750 miles to see Ike as well as Robert Curtis Smith
         doing a half-hour set.

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