Albert Collins (was BB's technique)

Willy Evans willye@MINDSPRING.COM
Wed Jul 23 12:05:51 EDT 1997

In this discussion about Albert Collins I think that we are talking about a
part of the blues that bothers a lot of people!

People like Albert Collins are folk musicians. They learned how to play a
certain way from somebody they knew, who learned from somebody they knew
etc. I mean he tuned his guitar to an fm9th chord or some such. His music,
however was very powerful and personal.

Most of the great old blues players may not have been adept, but they had
played their style, etc for so long that it was like breathing to them.
They may not be able to jam with just any musician, but this should not
take anything away from their worth as a blues musician!

Blues is a very idiosyncratic musical style. the blues community is made of
of a great many players who learned at some old cat's knee. A lot of poeple
tend to judge players by their knowledge of scale, theory and the
nimbleness of their fingers. This is fine for the Olympic guitar picking
semi-quarter finals, but for just listening enjoyment, listen to the guy
play and forget what he can't do or doesn't know!

Albert Collins did not get as famous and well-loved as he was because folks
didn't like hearing what he did. He was a powerful performer who put a lot
of himself in his art. Some would say that it takes a better artist to work
with a limited palette!

My .o2


Willy Evans

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