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On Tue, 22 Jul 1997 08:25:59 -0400 "Gregory A. Conn"
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>Mike Curtis wrote:
>>....I'm not debating whether Clapton said the above. I'm simply
>>stating that it is absolutely not true.
>  In your opinion.

That Big Walter was not a technically great harmonicist?  Sorry, but this
is not in the realm of opinion.  The man could play fast yet
exceptionally cleanly and precisely, and I can show you his resonance on
an oscilloscope.  His slow notes were likewise precisely formed and used
a remarkable variety of techniques, each honed to perfection.  This is
not opinion - it's science.

That he played tastefully - yes of course this is my opinion.  That he
was arguably the greatest blues harmonicist of all time - yes it's my
opinion - and an opinion shared by a great many other blues harmonicists.
 In fact, of the best blues harmonicists I know, ALL of them consider Big
Walter the best.  Big Walter could play just one note and speak volumes.
Our opinions of course, but "it takes one to know one".

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