Wed Jul 23 00:24:32 EDT 1997

That's exactly how I feel about losing weight, once it's lost, keeping it
off is the real work.


At 12:29 AM 7/23/97 -0400, Princess Capri wrote:
>At 03:12 AM 7/22/97 -0400, Poul K. Faarup wrote:
>>Life is a one everlasting competition.
>>We all participate
>>To win
>>Because if you win
>>real big, that is
>>Then you don't have to compete anymore
>>Grey cat
>   Yes, but once you've reached the top (not that I would know)
>the pressure to stay at the pinnacle is more pronounced.
>When you're at the top, do you compete with yourself?
>That's tough. How do you keep the groove fresh and interesting?
>   Just tossing out a few rambling thoughts ...
>Life is what you make it.

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