Venues in Rhode Island, New Hampshire?

Jim McGlynn mcglynn@IDS.NET
Tue Jul 22 16:57:35 EDT 1997

Dave Mitchell writes:

>Can someone recommend a few good blues venues
>in Rhode Island (especially in Providence) and
>New Hampshire?

There's a bar called The Call in Providence that books blues pretty
regularly, usually local bands but occasionally a national touring act.
Not much blues likely anywhere else in Providence, though Paul Geremia does
an occasional night at Cav in the so-called downtown jewelry district.
There's a Chinese restaurant called Chan's in Woonsocket, RI (a
predominantly French-speaking city) that books blues occasionally.  Figure
that one out.

Best bet is to check Mai Cramer's web page for club listings in and around
Boston for the dates in question.

Jim McGlynn

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