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Date: Mon, 21 Jul 1997 22:05:12 +0100
From: Jeffrey Brenan <talents@MAIL3.BUNT.COM>
Subject: The Music Education Launch Site

The Music Education Launch Site is a web site dedicated
to the growth of Music Education on the Internet. The site has many
growing departments of interest to musicians and music educators. Among
them are:

Mr. Note: A character used to teach young children basics of musical
notation. You can either download the Mr. Note Unit Plan or play the Mr.
Note's Finale game. Young children LOVE Mr. Note.

Lesson Plans: Organized according to grade level. Visitors are
encouraged to submit original materials of their own to the site.

Colleage Corner:  Music Educators desiring to use the Internet to
connect with other music educators should visit this department.
Newsgroup, listserv and chat information available here.

Building Blocks: Resource links for all music educators. Very organized
and thorough.

Web Interactive: Links to sites that teach music to the web surfer.
Games, activies and online music lessons abound here. Great spot for
adults to learn about music.

That's Funny!: Jokes about musicians. How many conductors does it take
to screw on a light bulb? Who knows? Nobody ever watches!

Classrooms: Visit Mr. Brenan's classrooms. You will learn about his
curriculum and management plan firsthand. Better behave yourself!

Spider Babies: While more music education sites are cropping up monthly,
there are subjects which are still greatly ignored. This department
gives topic suggestions for educators interested in designing a web

Eye Know: Personalize your visit here with a personal message from the
webmaster, MIDI files and Talker files as well.

I believe you will find the Music Education Launch Site to be an
invaluable source of information. I have worked hard to insure that the
site is full of content, entertaining and visually stimulating.

Make sure you point your cursor at the little 3d icons. There are some
animations hidden there. High tech html.

The URL is as follows:

Happy Surfing,


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