Guitar or Clarksdale

Tue Jul 22 15:39:20 EDT 1997

>Well right now it is looking like I will not make Clarksdale becuase I am
>trying to put all my $$$ into buying a guitar..TOMMORROW. ASAP.
>It's a Gibson Nick Lucas model and I gots to have it...
>Anyone in the market for a Strat (72 or 79 I forget)


Is it my imagination, or perhaps my faulty memory at play, or have you
previously put a similar quandry to the list?  Something about to buy a
particular guitar, or not to buy.

In any case (no pun intended).  I say get the guitar.  It'll be something
that you can hold onto and get use and enjoyment from at any given time.
For those of us in the Deep South, festivals are pretty frequent at this
time of year.  You can't make them all.  There's always Helena, or any of
the other festivals in your day trip range, or Sunflower '98 for that
matter.  Although the lineup is stellar, there's no one at Sunflower this
year that is at death's doorstep. You've probably seen most or all of the
performers, and will have an opportunity to do so again in the future.

See you next year.


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