DJ Errors (was song length)

Martin Dunstan
Tue Jul 22 15:31:13 EDT 1997

Employees of the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) radio network
held a stop work meeting for an hour or so recently, and as they left the
studio, put on an CD  containing around 20 versions of "Stairway to Heaven"
(and that's the ONLY song on the album!).  What a classic!

Ironically, this "cult" CD was produced as a by-product of an ABC
television series, on which all of these versions were performed over
the length of the series, in styles sometimes mimicking other groups
(e.g. B52s).  (Duh, I don't think I explained this very well, but I
can't seem to do any better!  And it's not even Friday.)

I think it was also the same program that somehow managed to get a
range of politicians to stop taking themselves so seriously for long
enough to get up in front of an audience and perform a current rock
song with the studio band.  Not a pretty sight, but had the studion
audience in spasms.  A case of "Don't give up your day job yet, son!".
Martin Dunstan
Warrnambool, AUSTRALIA
("Wish somebody would tell me what diddy-wah-diddy means!")

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