Antone's 7/17

Tue Jul 22 09:38:04 EDT 1997

This turned out to be the only night I got to go to during the anniversary.
The show started out with Kim Wilson, Jimmy Rogers Jr. on guitar, Dierk
O'Brien on guitar, Calvin Jones on bass, and Ted Harvey on drums.  After
several songs, Angela Streghli got up on stage and sang a few songs.  She
ended with a duet with Kim of "Bit by Bit".  She left the stage and Pinetop
Perkins came on.  He started out with "Chicken Shack".  With the energy
of a 20 year old, he went on to sing several more songs.  And then Jimmy
Rogers came up on stage.  He sang several songs, including "Walking by
myself".  They ended the evening with a long version of "Got my Mojo Working".
A very enjoyable evening of the Blues.

Bruce Roberts
Austin, TX

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